Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fubonn Plaza Sculpture Show

If you have never been to Fubonn Plaza on SE 82nd between Powell and Division, you should make it a point to stop by.

When you do, pause a while and look at the carved stone sculptures displayed in the central walkway as well as the ones locked in the caged gallery along with some with some lively paintings. Fubonn (meaning Fortune Health in Chinese) is a Chinese indoor mall housed in a building that used to be a campus of Portland Community College. Restaurants, gift shops, and various other stores are anchored by one of Portland's largest Asian supermarkets. The area leading up to the entrance of the super market is adorned with a variety of carved stone sculptures as well as other notable artworks, such as the large plastic tropical trees.

The handmade artworks are no doubt produced at a rapid pace in some squalid Vietnamese workshop by underpaid artisans. That didn't diminish my appreciation for what they have created; Jesus and family with somewhat Asian features, angry dolphins, goofy lions, and much more.

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